Tools: Lighter A pink candle Musk oil Pin Marjoram herb
A small pink cloth with the words
“dream of me, be with me” on one side
and “just a little nudge” on the other
Little pink or red pouch metal or glass plate
What to do: Cast the circle, call the quarters, the usual.
Dim the lights, leave a candle burning if you wish.
Take the pink candle and anoint it with the musk oil while thinking of the intended.
Scratch the name of the person on one side of the candle with the pin and the word love on the other.
Place the pink cloth in the plate with the “just a little nudge” facing down.
Light the candle and affix the cloth to the plate by letting hot wax drip on the corners of the cloth.
While visualizing your desire, use the wax drippings to form the shape of a heart in the middle of the cloth.
Drip some wax in the center of it and place the candle there.
With the candle burning, empower a pinch of marjoram by pinching it tightly between your fingers and
feeling energy flowing into it.
Sprinkle the marjoram on the place touching the heart and candle.
Let the candle burn down.
Crinkle the hard pool of wax as much as you can while thinking of your desire.
Take the remains of wax, marjoram and the cloth and put them in the small pink or red pouch.
Sleep with the pouch under your pillow and by using dream direction, allow yourself to dream
of the intended (even if in the morning you don’t remember the dream, don’t fret, you probably
dreamed of the person)
Sleep like this for as long as needed until the day comes when you are going to meet the person.
Then, take the pouch with you.
When you see that person, wait until the time is right.
Close your eyes and touch the pouch. Feel it’s power.
Open your eyes and glance straight at the intended.
So mote it be!


Play a CD or Tape of some romantic music that means something to you.
Make sure that the music does not include songs that you associate with another person.
It is important to keep specific people out of your mind performing this spell.
On a sheet of cardboard, light a candle of your favorite color to represent you.
Then, light a red or pink candle to represent whoever your new love may be.
Using a red magic marker or crayon, draw a heart around the red candle.
Every day for at least a week, relight the candles in the evening, and as soon as you light the candles,
move them slightly closer together, so that on the last day, the candles are as close together as possible.


Bake a fresh loaf of bread. Hold it up to the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread as well as the
relationship. Break off a piece of the bread for your partner, as well as one for yourself as well.
As you share time together, share the bread as well.
Do not cut the bread with a knife or any other cutting tool. Just break off the pieces with your hands.
Adding butter or jam might be a good idea to help sweeten things up a bit.


Light a candle (I tend to use a blessed white tea candle) and place it by the window sill at night.
This is you calling out to your love.


2 drops ylang ylang oil 2 drops sandalwood oil 2 drops clary sage oil
To attract love, rub Romance Magnet Oil onto a pink candle and then burn it for three hours a day,
every day, until the person makes an advance.When used for an existing relationship, the ritual
may be ended when harmony is established or resumed.
If you have no one special in mind, burn the candle until a potential lover appears.
The candle should be snuffed rather than blown out, the reason being that a spirit
resides in the flame and to blow it out would blow your prayer or wish away.


On a Friday evening when the Moon is waxing gather a little orris root, an earthen bowl and a
quantity of pure olive oil. If you are a woman also have a vial of jasmine oil; patchouly will do for.
Lay a pink cloth on the altar. Light pink candles.
Pour the orris root into the earthen bowl, then add about half a cup of olive oil.
Stir with the forefinger of your strong hand seven times clockwise.
Now add the essential oil, no less than three drops, no more than seven.
Place the bowl on the altar. Gaze into it, infusing the oil with your desire for love. Enchant it by saying:
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
Simple and to the point, right? You might want to substitute a favorite love poem or sonnet.
Pour the oil into a jar and cork it tightly.
Leave in a dark place, surrounded by the pink altar cloth, for 7 days.
Upon the next Friday night uncork the bottle, strain and then store in the same bottle until needed.
Love oil should only be worn by its creator.


Take 3 cords or strings of various pastel colors, pink, red and lilac for example.
Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid thinking of your need for love.
Next tie another know and another, until you have tied seven knots.
Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love.
After that, keep the cord in a safe place or give to one of the elements – burn it and toss the
ashes in to a stream.


you will need: fire, Rose hips, a red paper heart
Write your name and the name of the person you wish to love you upon the red paper heart.
Build a fire, and when the flames are at their fullest throw in the Rosehips.
Concentrate and picture the person in the fire, and then say:
God and goddess, I appeal to you
From fire’s breath and love anew
Roses offered through the flames divine
Take (name of person)’s heart and make it mine!
Hold the paper heart to your heart, and then throw it into the fire.
Watch it burn to ashes, and then close the spell:
God and goddess, your help I seek
To turn aside emotions weak
And help true love bind me to this,
I seal my spell with passion’s kiss!
Clap your hands and say this spell is sealed
As I will, so mote it be.

Follow whoever it is you wish to love and when they step into a piece of soil and leave their
footprint scoop up the dirt and put it into a flowerpot. Plant a sunflower in the pot and as the
flower grows so will his/her love for you!

There are any number of ways to do this spell.
You can drip water (preferably Full Moon Water) on photos of you and your beloved.
You can set a candle in a bowl of water and allow it to burn until the water extinguishes it.
You also may want to use come To Me oil and/or incense for the spell.
However you do it, visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love!
Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear.
A love that’s true once here he’ll find
And know his journey’s end.
And in his heart and soul and mind
He’ll know our lives should blend.


you will need: A sampler size of your favorite scent A pink candle
First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the candle
in a window where it will receive moonlight (full moon light is best).
Put the scent container in front of the candle and say:
Venus, grant me the love that I lack;
Through this scent, my mate attract!
Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you,
spraying on a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people.
Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent!


Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper,
then take a red candle and light and burn the paper in an ashtray while chanting:
“Kiss me when we meet ,
Kiss me {mention persons Full………. name
Greet me with your lips, and say you missed me.
But most of all kiss me as a lover should do Magic kisses so I will love you
Kiss me softly and by me always stay our love will last forever as you kiss me today…”
Don’t forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you , and conjure love .


You’ll need a few large apples, cinnamon, yarrow, spring water, salt, and a enameled or cast-iron saucepan.
These are often associated with love and passion.
If it is to your orientation, it is often helpful to bless or consecrate these components.
Concentrate on your goal while preparing this potion:
Slice the apples place them into the saucepan, coat with cinnamon, and cover with yarrow.
Put in enough water to submerge the contents and add a small sprinkling of salt.
Stir clockwise on low heat, in canting a love charm of your own making.
Bring to a simmer for about 90 minutes, strain and place into a dark jar.
Put a few drops into your favorite aftershave or cologne and wear it every 4 days.
The magic stays after the scent fades.


The Lovers Oil is not a necessity, anything will work fine. (Olive oil, or anything you wish)
For this spell dress a red candle with Lovers’ Oil or use a Doll prepared for a love ritual.
Burning Lovers’ Incense is strongly advised.
Say the following incantation three times each night for five nights in a row:

Remember, this can be a guide and you can tailor it to fit what YOU want, you could write her name
on paper and burn the paper in the flames, or even better is to write in Runes.
You could use a picture of her in some way, change the words around for yourself. Make it your own.


three strands of corn silk three hairs from your own head
olive oil red wine or red fruit juice a jar red string matches red marker pen corn husk
This spell is based on a modified version of an old Sicilian love spell.
On a Friday evening at midnight, on or close to the new moon (the first Friday after the new moon),
pluck three hairs from your head. Entwine them with three strands of corn silk. Chant the following:
“Weaver of silk weaver of time weaver of fate weaver of rhyme.
Entwine fate with _______.
May (he or she) wrap close to me in heart, in mind, in body, in soul. May
(he or she) have no rest until joined with me we are whole.
As I will so mote it be.”
Roll the hair and corn silk round and round in the palms of your hands until your hands are well heated.
Stretch a dried corn husk out flat and with a red marker draw a heart.
Write the name of your intended inside the heart.
Now place the hair and corn silk inside the husk and roll it up tight.
Tie the husk with a red string you have anointed with your own saliva.
Simply take the string and run it softly between your moist lips.
Touch the rolled parchment to your heart and then place it in a safe vessel and set it on fire.
As it burns, visualize your intended’s heart burning for you.
Let the scroll burn completely, then gather the ashes and place them in a bottle or jar of olive oil.
Hide the jar beneath your bed until the full moon.
On the full moon you must dip your left thumb into the oil and wipe the rim of a glass containing red wine
or red fruit juice. Serve to your intended. This spell is very effective and known to work immediately.
use it with caution.


Ingredients: honey wax
Honey and wax are doubly bewitching, as both are made from bees.
Take a red or pink candle and anoint with honey to draw someone to you.
Carve both your names into the candle and surround the names with a heart.
Burn on the new moon to attract a new lover or on a full moon to strengthen a relationship
that is already in progress. Burn a white candle anointed with honey if you want to heal a
relationship. This is best done on a new moon the honey will sweeten the wounds and the
burning wax will purify any surrounding negativity and seal in the white light and protective
vibrations of love.


You will need:
pink candle
jasmine incense
Light the jasmine incense.
As you do so imagine the kind of person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Note: this should not be a specific person but the things that you want in a person.
Say the qualities that you want in true love out loud as you light your pink candle.
Then say this as you sprinkle rosemary over the flame:
These are the things I want in you
A man/woman who’s loving, loyal and true
I ask of the spirits of all those above
To send me my one and only true love
Say this as many times as needed and then extinguish the candle.


The cauldron should be on your altar between two pink candles.
Inside the cauldron itself, place a magenta candle.
Light incense or place in a simmering pot, scents for love, such as rose, lavender, or jasmine.
Tap the cauldron three times with your wand or Thames. Say:
“One to seek him/her,
One to find him/her,
One to bring him/her,
One to bind him/her,
Heart to heart, Forever one.
So say I, This spell is done.”
Tap the cauldron three more times.
Light the magenta candle to speed the spell upon its way.
Best done during the Waxing Moon.


Every Full Moon, light a white (blessing) and a pink (happiness) and black candle in gratitude
to the Fates. View the Moon before you light them, then say:
“The kind Fates have blessed my home,
The kind Fates have blessed my heart,
The kind Fates have blessed my loved ones,
I offer thanks with a humble heart.
I thank the Goddess for my life,
I thank the Goddess for my love.
I thank the Goddess for continued blessings already on their way.
Blessed be.”
Also burn some high-quality incense, the best you have.
Do this each month to make your good fortune last.


This spell can be used to bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends.
the best time to cast the spell is at precisely 8:00 in the evening.
You will need the following: * Two white candles * A photo or drawing of your lover or friend make
sure he is alone in the photo – cover or cut anyone – including yourself out of the picture
* a photo of yourself smiling * a chamomile tea bag * a piece of blue material
The spell:
1) at exactly 8:00 in the evening light the candles and take a few deep
breaths to relax yourself.
2) try to imagine a peaceful scene – somewhere beautiful and wonderful.
3) Now relaxed, hold the picture of the person in your hand and repeat these words:
“with the light of the flame
I’ll light your desire,
when I speak your name
you’ll feel my fire, the spell has been cast
So Be It!”
4) say his name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his so that the
two images are together.
5) wrap the two picture along with the tea bag in the blue cloth.
6) put the package in a safe place (top of the closet….)
7) to insure that your ex gets the message- light the candles at 8:00 each night and say his name three times.
8) wait three weeks and then see if he wants to meet for lunch or dinner
-He will have a strange desire to do so!!!

LOVE SPELL (for male)

Obtain a photo of the victim-to-be. If no photo is available, get some hair or finger-nail clippings.
Get anything that fits into whatever model of magic you hold and combine this with a sigil
(a pictorial glyph) of the girl of your own design.
Sit in a still clean place (Your Temple) and declare the circle to be cast, through a
banishing ritual or reciting a poem and waving your arms around, etc.
Put the likeness of the girl onto your altar (or similar) and channel energy up through your legs,
torso, arms and into the likeness. Keep doing so as you pick the object up (both hands) and
hold it tight, (because you love her impression). Tell her over and over that you love her
absolutely and that she loves you dearly. Tell her that she loves you and that you love her
and that you were meant to be together, repeatedly. When satisfied, close the circle and
declare the ritual over. Take the object and wrap it up, to ‘bind it’ and store it in a clean,
safe place such as strapped to the bottom of her bed or buried in her lawn, etc.


Take 15 gms of High John root, 8 cc fresh blood from a sacrificial chicken (or lamb),
2.7 mg of saffron and a dash of sweat or, better yet, moon flow from the unsuspecting
member of the opposite sex. While drumming, rattling, or chanting whatever comes
to mind draw the following in Corn Meal on the floor in front of you……
Place the High John mixture in some Rum, in a glass bottle, and shake.
Dance over and around the maraasa sigil above and swish the Rum mixture in your mouth,
spitting and spraying it over the sigil (veve).
After you’re finished, dip your hands into the Rum mixture and sprinkle a bit of it on the earth,
giving thanks to one of your ancestors while you do.
For the maximum effect, pour the rest of the mixture in the MOS’ car, sink, garage, or
lawn, as you give thanks to the ancestor.
Wait 3-5 days and call the MOS from a pay-phone and plan a date !!!!
By the way, remember the ol’ magical adage, what
goes around com ES around, wait until MOS does first !!!!

Materials: target’s picture, your picture, target’s action figure, your action figure, colored cloth,
and yarn, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a lighter, and a shoe box.
Doll Making. Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture.
Buy a doll or action figure for your gender and one for the target’s gender.
Put their picture over the doll face and secure it with a fastener.
Do the same for the doll that represents you.
Cloth Making Use the color that represents lust, love or both to you.
Buy a cloth of that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls.
Find string, or yarn of the same color to fasten it. Write on the cloth, “Lust” Tie two knots in the yarn.
The Ritual Light a love candle for you and a love candle for the target. Say;
“This candle is my burning love for you.”
“This candle is your will to love.”
Place the target’s doll near the target candle and your doll near yours.
Place a third candle between the two candles unlit. Say;
“This is the growing lust between us, attracting us to each other.”
Take the two candles with both hands and light the center candle with them at the same time.
Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle.
“By the light of our growing lust for each other,
I bind us with it until I should choose to break the bonds and part ways with you.”
Cover the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by making one more
knot in addition to the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box.
[to make a generic lust-attractor:] …just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don’t bind it.
Place it in the shoe box. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll;
“I have increased my power to attract!”
Do this until you feel that others attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.


You will need a eight-rated star with magnets on each of the points.
Take a graphic picture of two people a doing the “wild thing”.
Light a red candle for sex, a pink for lust candle. Sprinkle protective powder around your Pink candle.
Symbolize your red candle as your target. Do statement of intent:
Invoke Baphomet: Such as Rite of Chaos B
Then when done, visualize yourself as a sexual beast; doing what beasts do when in heat.
And it’s probably better if you intent someone who already has that look and body language which
says “Let’s whoopie”. Use the picture to masturbate and do all manner of nasty obscene acts.
Anoint with sexual fluids or oils, and at the moment of orgasm; (as Baphomet of course),
Put the well-used picture on your magnetized eight rayed star.
Don’t know why it works, it just does.

Go to a flower shop and find a red rose, the best one that you can find.
Take it home and say these words,
“Whatever it is that (she) is attracted to is contained within this rose.”
Visualize rose colored energy coming from your genitals into the rose.
Now crush the rose into powder and keep it in a small package.
Lace some of your key chain with it everyday you know that you will see her.
When you do, put your hand in your pocket and touch the keys.


try this: while menstruating, masturbate to orgasm and preserve the resultant fluids.
You should be concentrating on your desired result at the point of orgasm.
Take some of the resultant fluids and insinuate a bit of them into the food or drink of your
prospective victim.


For this spell you will need:
Green goddess candle Red god candle A new unused pink taper candle
pink rose buds red rose buds with petals ground damiana herb
rose oil lavender oil
Before you begin your circle mix the red and pink rose incense and the damiana together.
To begin the spell cast your circle as you usually do.
When invoking the god call in Cupid and then light the red
candle. For invoking the goddess call in Venus and light the green candle.
Next pick up the pink candle and the rose oil.
As you anoint the candle with the rose oil speak the following words:
“With the oil of rose I do anoint this candle.
Now may this candle perform magic of love and friendship for those who use it.”
After you have gone all around the candle rubbing the oil into it place it in a candle holder
and speak the following words:
“Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Cupid God of Love,
I ask you to bring to me the one true male/female I am destined to spend my life with in love.”
Light the candle and say:
“As the flame is lit, so may it burn to you my request.”
Next go to your cauldron. If you don’t have a cauldron you will need something to burn incense in.
Take a small pinch of the incense you mixed earlier and sprinkle it on the coal or
whatever you use to burn and speak the following words:
“I make to you Venus and to you Cupid this offering of incense to increase the strength of my magic.”
Next take the rose oil again and say as you sprinkle one drop of oil on the coal:
“I add the essence of rose to this brew.”
Pick up the lavender oil and again with a drop of lavender say:
“I add the essence of lavender to this brew.”
Then take a moment sitting on the ground to look into the flame of the pink candle
and visualize the outcome you seek.
Once you have completed that release the Goddess and God and then undo your circle.
Your ritual is now complete.


To attract the love of a particular gentleman or lady, perform this love spell on a
Friday evening, preferably when the Moon is in Taurus.
On a pink, heart-shaped piece of paper, write the full name of your beloved in red ink.
To make the spell even more potent, write his or her birth Date or astrological symbol under the name.
Light a stick or cone of jasmine, lemon,
myrrh, orange blossom, patchouli, or strawberry incense. Place it in a fireproof burner, and say:
Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and passion mighty, look down from above and hear my prayer.
Grant me a love so true and so fair.
With a sterilized pin or needle, prick the tip of your left thumb, squeeze out a drop of blood,
and smear it over the name on the paper. Place a pink votive candle (or a small male or
female-shaped candle, depending upon the gender of your intended lover) over the paper.
Light the candle and say thrice:
With blood and fire the magic begins. Now pangs of desire burn from within.
Focus all of your thoughts and psychic energy upon your beloved, and say:
Beat for me now, O mortal heart,
Ache for me now when we’re apart,
Dream of me in the moonlit night,
come to me when the Sun shines bright.
So mote it be!
Continue concentrating on the object of your affections until the incense and the
candles burn themselves out.

Stick a needle through the wick of a red candle.
Light the candle, concentrate deeply and speak the following incantation.
Needle in the flame Needle of fire Pierce his thoughts and his desire
Make him writhe and agonize till his heart turns back to me


get a pink candle, try to get one they sell at the grocery stores with the angels on it find a pink
one you need a tea spoon of veg. Oil and a picture of the person.
Get the candle and make sure you write down the date you start burning it inscribe the name
of the person on the top of the candle in the wax then pour the oil on the top put the picture
on the bottom (under the candle) and say this prayer every night for 7 days:
Oh intranquil spirit, you that in hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven,
hear me , hear me
I want you to get the five senses of … of person…
and you should not let him rest in peace, either seated , standing or sleeping.
should find himself as desperated as waters of the seas.
That he should run and run until he humbly falls at my feet because nobody would help him.
Neither a divorcee or a married woman or a widow should love him.
…the name of the person… I conjure you before this cross and God,
that you are to run after me as the living after the cross and the dead after the light Amen.
Burn the candle all through the seven days saying the prayer each day or night and keep
the picture under the candle.

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